With lots of workshops and shows, this year the main theme is Magic throughout the Bard’s work.

Our purpose is to convey a message of faith and joy in the potential for improvement which lies inside each one of us. In Shakespeare’s works magic and transformation are metaphors for change from a situation of trouble or crisis to a happier and/or more aware state. Just think of that happy ending in Midsummer Night’s Dream achieved by all charachters thanks to their capacity of adapting and managing in a positive way the opportunities destiny presents.



  • August 22nd  at 9.30 pm “Magic Shakespeare”: opening night of the Festival, with highlights from the shows in programme performed along the seaside promenade (Passeggiata) of Viareggio, around the area of the conference centre “Principe di Piemonte”.


  • August 23rd  at 9.30 pm “Sex and the City 1300: erotic tales from Boccaccio’s Decameron”. A series of medieval tales on sex, magic and spirituality, at the source of some of Shakespeare’s most known works.


  • August 24th  at 9.30 pm Macbeth in English, with coreographed dance and live rock music


  • August 25th  at 9.30 pm Award cerimony for the best Shakespeare-themed short film
  • August 27th  at 9.30 pm “Magic Shakespeare” – fairies, pixies, witches, curses, spells and visions” with the participation of the Rome Link Academy students, presented by Paola Balbi and Teo Ghil


  • August 28th  at 9.30 pm: A Midsummer Night’s Dream presented by Next Artists, in English with live music;


  • August 29th  at 9.30 pm:”Angerona, the secret name of Rome” roman tale of Gods, power and sex which inspired Shakespeare’s immortal lines of The Rape of Lucrece;


  • August 31st  at 9.30 pm: piano concert performed by Gianni Bicchierini and Massimo Spada, accompanied by contemporary dance movements presented by professional dancer Chiara Cinquini (collective Clak – Contagi theatre)


Wokshops on Shakespearian acting and Storytelling:

  • August 22nd  to 24th  from 10 am to 5 pm. “Stories loved by Shakespeare” A workshop to discover or further improve  the art of storytelling through the study and the narration of those stories which inspired Shakespeare’s great works, from Romeo and Juliet to King Lear. A journey in the world of medieval storytellers. Basic and advanced level workshops presented by Raccontamiunastoria Company and by Michael Harvey (from Wales). Language: English and Italian.
  • August 25th  to 27th  from 10 am to 5 pm and August 28th  from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm “Magic Shakespeare” workshop on Shakespearian acting and moving on stage about the supernatural, directed by Paola Balbi and London actor Teo Ghil

Limited seats: all bookings before July 31st  


For info and contacts: Antonella Padolecchia – Paola Balbi 

Accomodation: B&B Bernardone tel. +39 0584 951 118 – ristorantebernardone@gmail.com